October 9, 2012

Inserting Bookmarks into Word 2007 Documents

If you're working on a long Word document, navigating through it can be a hassle. Did you know that in  Word 2007 you can bookmark specific parts of your document? 

To insert a bookmark in Word 2007, follow these steps:

1. Select the portion of your document you'd like to bookmark

2. On the ribbon, click the Insert tab

3. Click Bookmark in the Links section

4. Type a name under Bookmark name. Bookmark names must begin with a letter and cannot contain spaces

5. Click Add

After you inserted your bookmarks in your Word 2007, now you need to know how to open them:

1. Click the Insert tab on the ribbon

2. Click Bookmark in the Links section

3. Select the name of the bookmark you would like to open

4. Click Go To

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