October 15, 2013

Backup Your Customizations Made to the Ribbon in Microsoft Office 2010

If you work on multiple computers at your office, or if you would like to have the same customizations set up at your office as you do at home or visa versa, you are going to love this tip.  You can save your customizations and export them to a USB, so you can import them on another computer without having reset everything manually.  First, open your favorite Microsoft Office Program and click on the File tab.  Next, click Options and then Customize the Ribbon.  Now look toward the bottom right for the button that says Import/Export and click it.  In the drop down list click Export all Customizations, and then select the location you would like to save to.  Now on your other device follow these same steps except click Import Customization File this time instead.

You can use these same steps to back up your Quick Access Tool bar as well, just Click Quick Access Toolbar under Options.  Unfortunately though, whether you are saving settings from the Ribbon or Quick Access Toolbar you will have to save your settings separately for each Microsoft Office Program.  

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