November 6, 2013

Your Computer Lady Completes New Web Site - The Z Group

The Z Group is a site for a manufacturers' representative company.
  • Lots of links to manufacturers' sites. They already have technical data on their sites so there is no need to re-invent the wheel.
  • We used a lot of photos from the manufacturers. Good photography is an expense for a site. As a rep company, The Z Group has permission and is encouraged to use manufacturers' photos. Big cost savings!
  • More technical data. Your website should be the repository for the technical data and information your clients ask for regularly:  a handing chart, industry standards, etc. Why email a piece of information 50 times a week when you could email a simple link to the data on your site? That's a great way to increase traffic on the site.
  • Information your staff needs. You can store a tremendous amount of information on a website. You can have private pages that only staff have access to. Keep policies, forms and how-to documents accessible and consistent.
The Z Group web site.

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