August 28, 2013

Easy Envelope Budget Aide

 Did your parents ever sit down with some envelopes with you when you got your first allowance? Did they explain why you needed to separate your money into categories such as savings and spending?  In today’s world where everything is paid for with plastic and all our money is deposited at the bank, this system isn’t really practical anymore.  Easy Envelope Budget Aide is a way that you can still use the lessons your parents taught you about budgeting, but with using today’s technology.  With this app you can create a budget, and also note when money has been taken out so you know when to stop spending in a certain category.  With the free account, you can sync your account to a second user so you don’t have to worry about double spending.  With a paid account there are additional features like the ability to have more users and more envelopes/ categories.  Click Here to learn more about this app.

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