May 30, 2013

Save All in Microsoft Word 2010

Many times we are working on multiple documents and switching back and forth between documents.  Here is a neat trick that will save you having to switch back and forth to save each one; there is a Save All button that will save all your open Word documents with just 1 click! To be able to use this neat feature we first have to make the button visible.  To do that click the File tab, and go to Options. Once in Options, select the Quick Access Toolbar.  Now in the drop down menu labeled “Choose Commands from” choose the selection Command Not in the Ribbon.  Then scroll down until you see the command Save All with a small icon next to it. Once you have selected this command click the Add button, and finally Ok.  Now right above your ribbon in your Quick Access tool bar you will see that same icon.  So, next time you need to save multiple Word documents at the same time you can just click on that icon.

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