July 9, 2013

Remove Auto Formatted Border in Microsoft Word 2010

Many times I have been typing up a document in Word that uses dashes, and the next thing I know I have this long line across my page that I can’t select or delete. What has happened is Word has inserted a bottom border on your page.  Here is how you can get rid of it.  First make sure you are clicked on the Home tab, and in the Paragraph group click the Border icon.  It is found in the bottom right corner of this group.  In the menu you will notice that Bottom Border is selected, click on No Border and your line will disappear. Now you are probably thinking well that’s great but how can I prevent it from happening? Well let me show you.  This is an Auto format feature in Word, so you will need to start by clicking the File tab, and clicking Options.  Now in the list on the far left of the window click Proofing, and then Auto Correct Options. A new pop up window will appear where you will click the tab labeled Auto Format as You Type. Lastly under the section labeled Apply as you Type remove the check mark next to Border Lines.  Now you will no longer have this problem.

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