July 22, 2013

Study: 77% of smartphone-driven retail purchases happen in stores- Constant Contact

An Article from Constant Contact Blogs
"According to new research from Nielsen, more than three quarters of all smartphone-driven retail purchases are taking place offline.
While 42% of the 2,000 retail customers who participated in the survey reported that they rely exclusively on mobile when researching a purchasing decision, the vast majority say that they are much more likely to come in store rather than shop online.
Other interesting findings included:
·        57% of people searching on a smartphone expect retailers to be within five miles of their location
·        24% of people searching on smartphones consider local proximity of the business to be the most important search variable
·        33% of people searching on smartphones are looking specifically for retailer contact details (phone number, address, directions)
Bottom Line: While most of the talk around mobile over the last few months has been focused on the type of actions users are taking online, it’s also important to understand that what mobile users are doing offline can be just as important. The reality is that with more people researching your business on mobile—through search, social media, and even in the inbox—you have more opportunities to bring people into your place of business if you’re providing a positive mobile-experience.

Whether it’s taking control of your online listings, adopting a more mobile social media strategy, or making the change to mobile-friendly emails, there is plenty you can do right away."

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