July 4, 2013

Use Both Portrait and Landscape Formats in the Same Document

Microsoft word does not make it easy on you to have portions of your document in portrait and other portions in landscape, but it is possible using section breaks.  First, place your curser at the point in your document that you would like to change to landscape.  Insert a section break by clicking on the Page Layout tab and in the Page Setup section click Breaks.  In the drop down list select Next Page. Next, move your curser to the end of the text you want to reformat, and insert a matching break.  Now place your curser anywhere between the two section breaks, and back in the Page Setup group click the drop down arrow in the far right corner of the group.  This will open up a pop up window, click on the Margins tab, and at the bottom of the window where it says Apply to select This Section, and also change the orientation to landscape.  To finish you just have to click Ok.

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