July 23, 2013

Using the AutoFormat Tool in Microsoft Word 2010

We have all probably used Word’s AutoFormat Feature without even realizing it.  Auto Format as you type will automatically change your quotes to smart quotes, insert bullets or numbered lists and such.  But did you know you can apply these AutoFormats to text that has been typed up outside of Word and copied in? For example, if you have a poorly formatted email that you need to have in a Word document, you can make all the corrections with just one click.  Highlight the text you want to AutoFormat and then click the AutoFormat button. Although the problem is, if you are using Word 2007 or newer the AutoFormat button is not on the Ribbon.  You can add it to the Quick Access Toolbar by clicking the File tab, Options, and then Quick Access Toolbar.  Next, in the dropdown list under Choose Commands From select Commands Not in the Ribbon, and lastly select AutoFormat and add it to the Quick Access Toolbar. 

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